You’re protected on the outside. Now protect your network from the inside where malicious users may already be at work. Disgruntled insiders know where to find your most valuable and sensitive information. Masquerading external intruders can bypass network perimeter security and root around your system at will. Watch them with Insider SpyderTM

Insider Spyder is the cutting-edge in User Behavior Analytics. Based on a proven predictive engine, Insider Spyder can help you detect problems as they occur. And stop them before they get worse. 

Gain peace of mind from a software that monitors your network around the clock looking for threats, knowing that your most sensitive internal decisions are protected. 

Manage your risk with a software that provides you with current internal threat intelligence so you can quickly see and respond to your network’s emerging threats. 


Rest easy with a software tool so simple to use that a user with basic computer skills can master it. Save resources by letting the software do the analytical heavy lifting for you and your security team. Harness the power of big data analysis and data mining to get to the answer quickly. 

With Insider Spyder’s precision analytics, the false positive rate is so low, you’ll save valuable time to focus on the real priorities, not waste time chasing false alarms with inflexible rule sets.

With our state-of-the-art user experience, your team will be more efficient than ever. 

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